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Solving Problems with Software

Entrepreneur deciding which software to use and evaluating options


Stage One: Define Your Problem

In this stage, you keep bumping up against a frustration. Maybe you are spending too much time on a repetitive task. Maybe you use a piece of business software that works in a way that frustrates you. Maybe you have a great idea that you wish you could turn into a reality. In this step, it is essential that you clearly define your problem. What exactly is the task? How exactly would you want your solution to work?

Stage Two: Research Possible Solutions

In this stage, you know what your problem is, but don't necessarily know how to fix it. The key here is to discover if your problem is one that has already been solved, or if you are going to have to pursue your own solution. Some ways to engage this step are:

  • Google It: It might be obvious, but sometimes the best thing to do is to do some Google research on similar problems and see what solutions might already be out there. Check out if there are any existing software that can do what you need.

  • Connect: If there are any solutions out there, look at the marketing and reviews. Chat with sales teams to get a deeper understanding. See if there are other people who use the software and can give you a sense if it does what you need.

  • Discuss: Talk to some software developers who might be able to write something custom for you. They should be able to give you some time to discuss your problems, and give you estimates about some custom solutions. At EmpowerTech, this is a stage that we love to help with! Contact us!

Stage Three: Pick a Path

During this stage, it's time to tackle your problem and create a solution. Depending on your research in stage two, you will either:

Buy an Existing Solution: Finish researching all your options thoroughly to determine the best fit. Don't rush, some existing solutions might be almost perfect but missing a key part of what you need it to do.

Develop Your Own Solution: If you have some citizen developers on your team, or have an understanding of development yourself, you might be able to build a solution yourself using a low-code solution such as Oracle Apex, Power Apps, or Power BI. Just make sure you know what you're taking on. Scope creep and easily overwhelm the best of intentions!

Hire a Professional: If you need something truly custom and you can't get it done yourself, hire a developer who communicates well, understands your vision and problem and can build you a solution in your time frame. EmpowerTech exists to help everyone turn their solutions into a reality to make the world a better place. Contact us today and see if we might be the right fit for you.

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