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At Work

Recent Projects

We are always building here at EmpowerTech!  We'd love to show you all of our work, but some projects are not available to the public. Here are our projects that we're pleased to display, and we'd love to connect to build something together!

Products_Sunsuite3 (1).png

SUN Suite is a collection of Entrepreneurship Education tools that empowers users to Dream it, Plan it, and Launch it!  It's web based, easy to use and has powerful tools such as a Business Plan builder, Single and Multi-Year Forecasting, Business Valuation, Program Planning and more! Try it Out for free!

The Computer Choice was a long-time dream of our founder Ryan.  Everyone should have the opportunity to get a good deal on a computer, but since most people don't know what to look for in a PC, they often just pick based on price, which can wildly mismatch the capabilities of the computer.  The Computer Choice takes your preference and gives you a single recommendation that's always a good deal, regardless of your price range. Try It Out!

Contract Review

Smart Advocate Templates

We have been consulting with Warmuth Law on various projects- including Video Editing, PowerPoint Creation, and most recently, template generation.  Integrating with SmartAdvocate (a case management software) our templates allow for Warmuth to generate documents using their existing data in the same format with minimal interaction from lawyers and paralegals.

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