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About Us

Making It Easier For You To Do It Better

EmpowerTech is a software development and consulting company.  We provide web and mobile solutions to clients in a variety of industries. We are available for large and small scale projects.  Tell us about yours and we can start the process of getting you an estimate.

Note: Information on this website may be updated at any time.  The information currently listed may not be up to date.

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Apps have changed our world and our lives: from books to games, business to medicine, education to entertainment, shopping to sports, social media to travel; apps touch and change everything.  We walk around every day with a world of imagination, productivity, and connectedness in our pockets.  Each app on your phone or laptop opens new possibilities that we couldn't have dreamed of 30 years ago.  And because we all interact with these apps every day, we can all see ways to improve existing apps or come up with our own.

Everyone dreams of striking gold with their brilliant app idea, thinking theirs is going to be the next Uber or Facebook.  Most apps will never be that one in a million game changer-but most don't need to be.  The world isn't solely changed by a handful of breakthrough apps, but by an onslaught of apps that make our lives just that much better.  We believe that all apps, regardless of size and scale, deserve quality development and support. We love to hear all new kinds of ideas, and to work with clients to design, develop and deploy applications that continue to empower each of us to make the world a better place.

why we Develop Apps

why we Design Websites

At EmpowerTech we believe that a great website is not just good for you, but for everyone. The web is a wondrous tapestry of knowledge and experience woven together, and websites are the thread. We believe in the web's ability to empower people all over the world, in its potential for social good. This is why we take seriously every request for web design: we want to ensure that the parts of the tapestry we get to weave are works beautiful and meaningful. We love building sites that express you, that behave the way you envision, and that give your guests a great experience. We love taking in your vision and turning it into reality.

At EmpowerTech, we believe it takes more than a good developer to make a great app or website. The best projects are a collaboration between those with technical expertise and those with a vision to develop something new. We believe in empowering all our clients by helping them understand the process of turning their vision into reality: design, workflow, development, deployment, hosting, and support. We seek to ensure no one starts a project without understanding all that it will take to finish it. We make sure that our clients have the tools and resources they need to succeed, even if they decide to partner with someone else in the future.

why we Consult

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