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At EmpowerTech, we provide several services to help you achieve your goals. From small applications to enterprise solutions, we can help you get what you need to do your job better.

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Travel Apps

App Development

Whether you have an idea you want to turn into reality or an existing app you need help with, we would love to help. We design and develop apps that work on any platform: Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Web, and Windows.
Our process starts with you. We listen to you and meet you where you are at - whether it is just an idea, a sketch, or an existing app. We make sure to understand where you are and where you want to go. We then give you an outline of the full scope of the project so that you know the full process, technologies, and costs that will go into making your app.
We make sure that all the code we write is clean, clear, secure, easily supported, and well-documented. That way, no matter what you do with your app in the future, you are starting with something that you can trust.

Technologies Used

C#/.NET, Blazor and MAUI


Oracle Apex

Android, iOS

Mac, Windows

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Website Design

Whether you are wanting to make something new or update something old, we are here for you. We design and build new websites for many kinds of clients using Wix. We use Wix because it allows us to build top-quality sites that look great on any device quickly and easily. The best part, once the site is created, they are easy for anyone to maintain and change.


We guide you through the process of gathering and creating the content and legal documents you will need to make your site. We then design and build the layouts and incorporate your content to bring your site to life. We can make your site as simple, or as complex as you desire. Finally,  we configure your site's search engine optimization (SEO) and accessibility features to make sure that your site is easy to find and easy to use.

Technologies Used



.NET Blazor

Website Chart
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At EmpowerTech, we want to help you with any phase of your journey. We can help with business analysis, design, troubleshooting, development, and more. If you are starting a new project and need help with navigating the process, have an existing app you need help with, or just an urgent IT issue to resolve, we are happy to help.


We would love to meet with you and with your team to help you define the scope of your project, to help create design ideas, documentation, and mockups, to help you establish workflows, budgets and timelines, to help you process legal and security concerns, or just help you solve a problem you are stuck on. If in the process you decide you want us to help you with development, we can seamlessly move into that. However, if at any time we, or you, deem that we are not the best solution to your problem, we will give you tools and recommendations to find someone else.

Technologies Used



Adobe XD

Microsoft 365

Smart Advocate

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