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At EmpowerTech, we are all about creating solutions that make it easier for you to do your job.  We can leverage our application development experience to design and develop applications that will look great and help you to achieve your goals.

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What We Do

Travel Apps

App Development

If you have an idea you want to turn into reality or an existing app you need help with, we would love to help. We design and develop apps that work on any platform: Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Web, and Windows.

Website Design

Website Design

Whether you are wanting to make something new or update something old, we are here for you. We design and build new websites for many kinds of clients using Wix. We use Wix because it allows us to build top-quality sites that look great on any device quickly and easily. The best part, once the site is created, they are easy for anyone to maintain and change.

Business Consultation


At EmpowerTech, we want to help you with any phase of your journey. We can help with business analysis, design, troubleshooting, development, and more. If you are starting a new project and need help with navigating the process, have an existing app you need help with, or just an urgent IT issue to resolve, we are happy to help.

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Who We Are


At EmpowerTech, we believe that technological innovation can come from anywhere. We believe that what makes an idea valuable is the good it brings into the world. A game that makes the subway commute easier, a data collection app that helps a construction worker keep track of her tools, a dashboard that makes it easier for a team to collaborate, a house sitting app to help pet owners find quality care for their pets while they are away, a website that helps a new artist share their work with the world; each is a piece of the digital revolution that we live in the midst of and a part in the wonderful tapestry of productivity, entertainment, inspiration, creation, and connection that this age offers. It is our passion to enable people and businesses to contribute to this collection to make the world a better place. Your idea may reach a hundred people or a million - what matters to us is that your idea made someone's life just a little better. Let's build something together.

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Home Page: Who We Are

J.R.R. Tolkien

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."

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Over the years I have had the good fortune to work together with Ryan Allsman on various projects through three generations of the company. Indeed during the trying conditions of transition of control, this partnership has been particularly valuable as the introduction of new business requirements and system integrations requires particularly deep technical knowledge of the involved systems, creative thinking, tenacity, and an ability to strategically prioritize IT efforts to support business functions while longer efforts are underway. Ryan has absolutely been one of the ingredients of the company’s recipe for repeated success over the years.

One of EmpowerTech’s main offerings, the FieldVision suite, has been a key piece of Berry’s active field operations for well over a decade, maybe even two; now that is a tested, tried, and mature tech stack! As key as FV is, there is quite a bit more to Ryan’s contributions to the IT operating environment than just FieldVision. All throughout Ryan’s working relationship with the company, he has consistently offered bespoke software solutions that are lean and oriented towards solving the specific business problems of his customers. These include end-user-facing “line-of-business” applications, back-end processing and automation, as well as integration elements. His solutions show competence in a wide range of technology platforms: UNIX/LINUX, Perl, html5/javascript, ASP.NET, .NET Core, Oracle DB, Oracle APEX are all highlights of technology elements from which he has built tools still running in production years later in the enterprise. Importantly, Ryan is a skillful troubleshooter and is committed to maintain and improve the products he puts out. Moreover, his excellent interpersonal skills and detailed knowledge of Berry’s key data infrastructure make him a valuable addition to any project team or incident response team at any phase.



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