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Why We Build Apps

At EmpowerTech, we believe that apps can change the world. Some apps are explosive and world-changing, ubiquitous and ground quaking.  But apps that are created like that are a lightning bolt, a buzzer beater shot. Everyone dreams of striking gold with their brilliant app idea, thinking theirs is the one thing that's missing from the world. 


Most apps will never be that one in a million game changer-but most don't need to be.  The world isn't solely changed by a handful of breakthrough apps, but by an onslaught of apps that make our lives just a little better.  A mobile game makes the subway commute easier and the artist's mind clearer at work that day.  A data collection app that makes it easier for a construction worker to build.  A dashboard that makes it easier for a manager to make their decisions.  A banking app for the local credit union that allows mom to manage your money in emergencies. 


Each little app is a piece in a tapestry of productivity, relaxation, inspiration and connectedness, and we carry them all with us everywhere we go.  While lots of big companies throw lots of money at new app ideas, small apps deserve quality development and support just like the big ones. Not only because any app could explode and be the next big thing, but even the ones that don't can change an organization or someone's life.  That that makes each project valuable and worth attention and care. 


App ideas can come from anyone now, because we all use apps and can see every day how new ideas would fit perfectly into our network of daily tools.  EmpowerTech believes in those app ideas that don't come from CEOs of mega corporations, but from all of us. 


Let's build an app together.

Why Choose EmpowerTech


“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quotes has a powerful effect on customers and makes them more likely to trust you.” 

—  Name, Title

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